Lung Tester PD

"I took this gag on my last tour and it was hysterical.  A great laughter making machine." Paul Daniels










“I’ve loved pranks and gags my whole life and without a doubt ‘The Divers Lung Tester’ is the best ever. I just adore it”
Andy Nyman


"The Divers Lung is one of the best investments I have made it always goes down well!

We use it in our stage show with huge success I don't know how you manage to craft something so beautiful at such a good price"

Danny and steph

Martin duffty

"I've wanted one of these since I got caught with one 20 years ago. Jordan made my dream come true. Never had so much fun out of a magic prop." Martin Duffy


Alan Rorrison

"As soon as I saw the divers lung tester I simply had to have one. A stunning little ornate piece with a devilish little secret" 

Alan Rorrison


John Archer

"I got mine a week ago and have had a lot of fun with it. It's now on display in the lounge, just waiting for a guest to ask.... "What's that thing there?...." - John Archer



This review was done by Paul Romhany for the VANISH magicians online magazine that can be found here www.vanishmagazine.com The review can be found in edition 14 on page 149. If your a magician and not aware of this magazine, its a really great read.

VANISH review

A funny video review of Steve Rowe (Magician) trying to work out how to use the pipe before he read the instructions...