The Divers Lung Tester

Welcome to the home of The Divers Lung Tester®

Here you will find for sale the extremly rare Divers Lung Tester® hand made by Jordan O'Grady. They are sometimes called Miners Lung Tester®, Talcum Powder Pipes or Blow Back Pipes, but they all do the same thing and are a great practical joke.

The Lung Testers date back to the old shipping days and the story goes that they were used in The Navy to test a divers lungs capacity before and after a deep sea dive.


Please check the shop page for more information on what stock levels we have available and do not hesitate to contact us if there is something special you are looking for. Bespoke items can be made upon request, but there could be a longer wait and the cost could be slightly higher than items for sale on here.

These little gems have been so hard to come by...until now! Each one is hand made and crafted from different types of metal making every pipe unique in it's own way. They will all be covered by a 6 month warranty, but we are sure there will not be any issues. They are all tested and polished before they are despatched. You will also get "The Secret" which is a set of instructions that will enable you to blow the pipe in the correct way so only YOU can make the wheel spin. We will also send you some ideas on how you can trick your friends into having a go! 

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Paul Daniels owns a divers lung tester too, and he loves it..

'I took this gag on my last tour and it was hysterical.  A great laughter making machine.' Paul Daniels

If you have any queries once you receive your item, you are more than welcome to contact us with any questions you may have and we will be happy to help you.

Please check out the information page on how to maintain your pipe to keep it working the best, and info on what powder we recomend to use.

We will not tell you how to make The Divers Lung Tester® or what "The Secret" is, so please don't ask!

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