Whats it all about?

So, you have found the web page that many many people have been searching for! It's finally here...you can now purchase The Divers Lung Tester® (also known as The Talcum Powder Pipe OR Miners Lung Tester®) and look forward to many hours of fun! 

They are made to the highest possible standard, so please do not confuse these with any other cheap copies that are out there.

The Divers Lung Test Secret

The Divers Lung Tester® has been top secret for a long time, and it's not something we are willing to disclose. To find out how they work you will have to purchase one, but we promise that you will not be disappointed with your purchase. All your friends and family will speculate as to how they work, but only you will know the secret and it will drive them mad...!

The History

The Divers Lung Test dates back to the old shipping days, originating from The Navy. The Lung Tester would be used by divers before they went under the water on a dive, they would blow into the pipe and time how long they could make the wheel spin for. On return to the surface, they would repeat the test and check to see that they were able to blow into the pipe for the same length of time. This would ensure that the divers had not damaged their lungs during the dive.

What does it do?

If your not aware what these are then you're in for a treat! Here is a short video clip showing what can be achieved. You will have the ability to blow into the pipe and make the wheel spin, but hand it to a friend and they get covered in talcum powder. 

You may have been searching for these for a long time and we are now making them available for you to buy. Each one will be hand made and will come with warranty! There will be many different designs coming up so if you see one that you like you will need to be quick as no two will ever be the same.

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